• Shiratama of the Tamaya (玉屋内白玉), representing the sign of the rabbit (<i>usagi</i> - 卯) from the Zodiac series <i>Zensei matsu no shō, jūni shi</i> ('Makeup of Flourishing Pine Trees' - 全盛松の粧)
  • Fukishima Masamori (吹嶋政守) from the series <i>Heroes of the Great Peace</i> (<i>Taiheiki eiyuden</i> - 太平記英勇傳)
  • Mimasu Gennosuke I (三枡源之助) in the role of<br> 
the <i>sumō</i> wrestler Izutsu Menosuke (角力取井筒女之助)
  • A Scene of Spring Rain (<i>Harusame no kei</i> - 春雨乃景)
  • Sitting dachshund
  • Segawa Kikunojō III [瀬川菊之丞] as Chōkichi [長吉]
  • Ma Lin (Tettekisen Barin - 鉄笛仙馬麟) from the series <i>One of the 108 Heroes of the Popular Water Margin </i> (<i>Tsūzoku Suikoden gōketsu hyakuhachinin no hitori</i> - 通俗水滸傳濠傑百八人一個)
  • Sumō wrestler Hiraishi (平石) from the series <i>Sumō hanei tamari iri no zu</i> (相撲繁栄り入の図) - <i>Nishi no kata</i> (西ノ方)
  • Sawamura Shozan I (澤村曙山) as an <i>otokodate</i> as Karigane Bunshichi (雁金文七) from series of 5 actors with umbrellas
  • Nichirai Shōnin [日来上人] at the Battle of Kawanakajima [川中島合戦の日来上人] - middle panel of a triptych

Welcome to The Lyon Collection!

Ukiyo-e Prints in the Mike Lyon Collection

Mike Lyon (artist b. 1951) was fortunate to have grown up familiar with Japanese prints. In his youth Lyon’s parents and grandparents displayed examples that certainly inspired his own artistic development. He began acquiring Japanese color woodcuts early in his career as an artist. The types of prints that feature most prominently among the many hundreds in Lyon's collection reflect the artist’s deep appreciation of the human figure and the expressive facial portrait. The vast majority of Japanese prints in the Lyon collection represent views of actors yakusha-e) and beautiful women (bijin-ga), and in particular the close-up, bust-length portraits of the same (okubi-e).

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