Kinoshita Hironobu I (初代木下広信) (artist )

[Ichikawa Ebizō V] as Tainohata Kanobei (田井畑此兵衛) and Nakayama Nanshi II (中山南枝) as the ghost of Matsukaze (松風亡霊) in the play Yukihira Sonare no Matsu [行平磯馴松] (Yukihira and windswept pines along the seashore)


14.75 in x 9.75 in (Overall dimensions) Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Hironobu (広信)
Hankyu Culture Foundation - left panel
Hankyu Culture Foundation - right panel
Japan Arts Council
Museum of Fine Arts - Yoshitaki of Nanshi II in the same role in 1857

This print commemorates at performance at the Naka Theater in 3/1857. In the title cartouche is the name of Nakayama Nanshi II accompanied by the phrase 'isse ichidai' (一世一代) indicating that this may have been his final performance - of this role, at least. [We would like to thank E. Pieters for assisting us in assembling this information.]

Illustrated in Ikeda Bunko, Kamigata yakusha-e shūsei (Collected Kamigata Actor Prints), vol. 3, Ikeda Bunko Library, Osaka 2001, no. 380.


Osaka Prints wrote: "Yukihira sonarematsu (Yukihira and windswept pines along the seashore: 行平磯馴松) was derived from the legend of Matsukaze, a fourteenth-century Nô play. Matsukaze (松風) and Murasame (村雨), sisters making a living as shiokumi (salt gatherers: 潮汲み or 汐汲み) in Suma (須磨), fall in love with the exiled Heian-period courtier and poet Ariwara no Yukihira (在原行平). After Yukihira is allowed to leave the island, Matsukaze (her name means "Wind in the Pines") goes mad with grief..."
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