• Shunga of an <i>awabi</i> diver
Shunga of an <i>awabi</i> diver
Shunga of an <i>awabi</i> diver

Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾北斎) (artist 1760 – 1849)

Shunga of an awabi diver


10.25 in x 14.75 in (Overall dimensions) color woodblock print

A young man and awabi (abalone) diver engage in erotic play on the beach near her basket of abalone. Gorgeous design very beautifully carved and printed.

The explicit connection between the open abalone shells and the woman's genitalia hardly needs mentioning.


Many sources on the Internet attribute this print to Yanagawa Shigenobu II. We will try to sort this out in the future. The confusion may be more understandable considering that Shigenobu was Hokusai's son-in-law.
erotic prints (shunga - 春画) (genre)