Loons in pond - <i>ehon</i> diptych from <i>Keinen kachō gafu</i> ('Album of Bird-and-Flower Pictures by Keinan' - 景年花鳥画譜)

Imao Keinen (今尾景年) (artist 1845 – 1924)

Loons in pond - ehon diptych from Keinen kachō gafu ('Album of Bird-and-Flower Pictures by Keinan' - 景年花鳥画譜)


20 in x 14.5 in (Overall dimensions) Japanese color woodblock print
Printed in upper left: Keinen gafu (景年画譜)
Publisher: Nishimura Sōzaemon (西村藏版)
Not listed in Marks
British Museum
National Diet Library - photocopy - go to #17
National Museum of Asian Art - the Pulverer collection According to the Rijksmuseum the four volumes of this series each represent a season. This is probably from the one devoted to summer.

The carver was Tanaka Jirokichi and the printer Mitsuki Jinzaburō (三木仁三郎).

There are other copies in the full set at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto and in the National Library of Australia

The number 90 or 19 (?) appears at the top of the right hand page 九拾.
picture book (ehon - 絵本) (genre)
kachō-e (bird and flower picture - 花鳥絵) (genre)
Nishimura Sōzaemon (西村藏版) (author)