Onoe Taminosuke in the role of Otsuma [多見之助のお妻] from the play <i>Sakuratsuba Urami Samezaya</i> [桜鍔恨鮫鞘] from the series <i>Shin Nigao-e (New Actor Portraits)</i>

Natori Shunsen (名取春仙) (artist 1886 – 1960)

Onoe Taminosuke in the role of Otsuma [多見之助のお妻] from the play Sakuratsuba Urami Samezaya [桜鍔恨鮫鞘] from the series Shin Nigao-e (New Actor Portraits)


5 in x 8.25 in (Overall dimensions) Japanese woodblock print
Signed: Shunsen (春仙)
Artist's floral seal in red
The British Museum (via Ritsumeikan University) The text below this print identifies the actor, the role and the artist.


"Many of kabuki's domestic dramas were adaptations of actual events. In 1702 at the Yotsubashi in Osaka, a dealer in second-hand goods named Hachirôbei murdered Otsuma, a prostitute in the Tanbaya teahouse. This spawned — as was the custom for sordid or shocking tales that caught the fancy of the public — songs and dramas about the ill-fated couple. Edo and Osaka each produced its preferred versions of the story, with occasional conflations of similar real events (unbelievably, one in Edo involved a prostitute named Ginneko Otsuma slain by vendor of dry goods named Hachirôbei!). Many of the Otsuma Hachirôbei mono portrayed Hachirôbei as especially despicable and included scenes in which Otsuma engages in aisozukashi ("becoming sick of something"), a kabuki convention in which a woman verbally abuses a man without looking directly at his face as she rejects his advances."

This information was taken directly from osakaprints.com.


This is #191 in the Natori Shunsen (名取春仙) exhibition catalogue from Kushigata in 1991.


The publisher was Nigaodō (似顔洞) and the carver was Bonkotsu Igami (凡骨伊上: 1875-1933).

actor prints (yakusha-e - 役者絵) (genre)
modern prints (shin hanga - 新版画) (genre)
Onoe Taminosuke (尾上多見之助: 1874 to January, 1918) (actor)