• Vapor or <i>Yuge</i> (湯気 - embossed at bottom center)
Vapor or <i>Yuge</i> (湯気 - embossed at bottom center)
Vapor or <i>Yuge</i> (湯気 - embossed at bottom center)

Torii Kotondo (鳥居言人) (artist 1900 – 1976)

Vapor or Yuge (湯気 - embossed at bottom center)


11.75 in x 18.25 in (Overall dimensions) Japanese woodblock print

Dated and signed: Shōwa yonen jūgatsu
(Showa 4 [1929], 10th month)
Kotondo ga (言人画)
Artist's seal: Kotondo
Publisher: Sakai-Kawaguchi
(embossed at the bottom left)
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
National Museum of Asian Art
Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
Art Institute of Chicago

There is a special attached seal on the back of this print. If you click on the image it will enlarge and you will see the seal in the upper right of the screen below a small version of the front. Click on the seal to see it enlarged.

It reads: "Gaikoku iki ni-hyaku mai kagiri zeppan, dai hyaku-jūhachi go, Torii Kotondo (for foreign export, limited edition of 200 printed, number 118, by Torii Kotondo)".



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modern prints (shin hanga - 新版画) (genre)
Sakai Kawaguchi (酒井川口) (publisher)