Keyamura Rokusuke (毛谷村六助) (role )

Kida Magobei (貴田孫兵衛)



Elena Varshavskaya in her article in Andon 60, 'Pictorial formulae of martial attributes in Kuniyoshi's warrior prints' in September 1998 on page 8 wrote: "During Hideyoshi's campaign against the island of Kyūshū, the leading lords organized wrestling contests in order to entertain the warriors during breaks between the actions and also or maybe primarily to replenish their troops. The one who lost the battle became a vassal of the lord of the winner. So high was the fame of Keyamura Rokusuke, highly accomplished in swordmanship, that a rivalry developed among the warlords to get him in their service. Everyone tried to put forward the best of their wrestlers against Keyamura but he turned out to be invincible. One day, however, after he had been victorious in more than 30 bouts," he was confronted by Kimura Matazo, who won the battle. Thus Keyamura was made a vassal of Kato Kiyomasa, Kimura Matazo's suzerain, changing his name to Kida Magobei Muneharu in this new capacity."