Kusunoki Masanori (楠明王丸正儀) (role )



Here is a brief summary of the life of the late fourteenth century historical figure Kusunoki Masanori, dates unknown.

"The youngest son of Masashige: became head of the Kusunoki clan after the death of his brothers. He took the field in 1361, defeated the Sasaki, and then, joining sides with Hosokawa Kiyouji, who had just embraced the southern cause, became master of Kyōto, whence he was expelled one month later by the Shōgun Yoshiakira. Then joining forces with Wada Masatake, he won a victory over the Shōgun's army and reappeared in Kawachi. On the death of Go-Murakami (1368), departing from his family traditions, he entered into a parley with Hosokawa Yoriyuki and submitted to the Ashikaga. He was then attacked by his former companions in arms, Wada Masatake, but with the aid of Yoriyuki, he succeeded in repelling him. After which, Masanori himself, besieged the southern emperor in his stonghold of Kongo-zan (1373). In 1378, he undertook a new campaign with his son Masakatsu. Then, after a defection of 12 years, he submitted again to Go-Kameyama, who was then confined to Mt. Yoshino. (1381). His castle of Asakasa was captured the following year by Yamana Ujikiyo."