Yojirō (与次郎) the monkey trainer (role )



"Yojirō is a poor, simple fellow who supports his old mother as a street entertainer, performing with a monkey named Toku, which he treats almost as his own child. Toku has a baby monkey as well. Rikan [the actor] was successful in presenting the warmth and loyalty or Yojirō toward his mother and his younger sister Oshun. Oshun is an indentured prostitute who is in love with Denbei. Denbei in a fight kills a man and flees with Oshun to Yojirō's house. Yojirō at first tells Oshun to keep clear of Denbei, but in the end agrees to help them escape. The play ends happily when it is revealed that the man Denbei killed was in the wrong."

Quoted from: Kabuki Heroes of the Osaka Stage 1780-1830, p. 138.