Utagawa Nobukatsu (歌川信勝) (artist )

Tessai ( - 哲斎)
Ryūkyōtei Shigenao (柳狂亭重直)



Ryūkyōtei Shigenao (until 9/1829); Nobukatsu (see signature at left); Tessai Nobukatsu, active circa 1824-41 Surnames: Yanagawa (1831) and Utagawa; gô: Tessai (1824; also as signature in 1837); signed as Ryūkyōtei Shigenao, a pupil of Shigeharu, on a print dated 8/1829; changed from Shigenao to Nobukatsu on a print dated 9/1829; also signed as Nobukatsu, a pupil of Sadamasu, on prints dated 1/1832 and 1/1833 (see signature above); little else is known, as Nobukatsu apparently ceased print design when the Tenpō Reform edicts banned the publication of actor prints in 1842.

This information is taken directly from osakaprints.com.


The British Museum notes that Nobukatsu was "...active in Osaka mid-19th c. Designed prints of actors and beautiful women. Trained under Yanagawa Shigenobu and Utagawa Sadamasu."

There are 5 prints by Nobukatsu in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. One entry shows two copies. They refer to him as Gokyōtei Nobukatsu.