Shizuka gozen (静御前) (role )



"Dancing girl of Kyōto, who became the mistress of Minamoto Yoshitsune. When Yoritomo intended to assassinate his brother through the agency of the bonze Tosabō Shōshun (1185), Shizuka gave notice of it to her lover, who thus had time to save himself and kill his assailants. Forced to take flight, Yoshitsune sent Shizuka back to Kyōto, from where Yoritomo brought her to Kamakura and vainly sought to make her reveal the hiding place of his brother. Masako, knowing her great skill, asked her to dance before her, but Shizuka obstinately refused. Yoritomo however forced her to dance, accompanied with the music of cymbals by Hatakeyama Shigetada whilst Kudō Suketsune played the tambourine. During the dances she improvised a doleful love song to the illustrious exile. Yoritomo, much displeased ordered her child which was born soon after, to be killed by Adachi Kiyotsune, and sent her back to Kyōto."

Quoted from: Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Japan by E. Papinot, pp. 583-584.