Utagawa Sadafusa (歌川貞房) (artist )

Gofūtei ( - 五楓亭)
Gohyōtei ( - 五飄亭)
Gokitei ( - 五亀亭)
Ōsawa (original family name - 大沢)
Shinsai ( - 震斎)
Tōchōrō ( - 桶蝶楼)



Sadafusa Utagawa was a pupil of Kunisada. His prints are similar in style to those of his master. Among his favorite subjects were bijin (beautiful women), but he also created images of actors from the kabuki stage, historical and mythic figures, acrobats and game board prints. Children appear in quite a few of his prints, too.

He was active 1825-1850. He lived first in Edo, but later moved to Osaka and produced works from there.

As an illustrator for book publishers

Sadafusa drew illustrations for Iwatoya Kisaburō in 1829-30; Moriya Jihei 1830-33 and 1835.