Katada Chōjirō (片田長次郎) (carver )

Fukagawa Hori Chō (深川彫長)


Bibliothèque Nationale de France - 3 Sino-Japanese War triptychs
Waseda University - 168 prints with this carver's seal - various artists


A family of carvers. Among the artists their seals appear on are Toyokuni III in 1861 to 1864, Yoshitora in 1862, Kunichika as early as 1863 and as late as 1874, Yoshiiku in 1863-64, Kunisada II in 1865, Kunihisa in 1864, Yoshitoshi, Kunishige, Kunimitsu, Chikanobu in 1881, Kiyochika in 1895 and Rosestsu in the same year.