Onoe Matsusuke III (三代目尾上松助: 11/1814 to 1848) (actor 1805 – 1851)

Sanchō (poetry name - 三朝)
Onoe Asajirō (尾上朝次郎: 11/1808 to 10/1809)
Onoe Eizaburō II (二代目尾上栄三郎: 11/1809 to 10/1814)
Ōkawa Sanchō (大川三朝: 1848 to 7/1851)


Kabuki theater terms


This actor held this name from 11/1814 to 1848 and again from 5/1851 until his death in 7/1851. His father was Onoe Kikugorō III (1784-1849). His brothers were Onoe Eizaburō IV and Onoe Kikunosuke - dates unkown for both of them.

In 11/1809 he made his debut as Onoe Eizaburō II during the great "...shūmei of Onoe Matsusuke I and Onoe Eizaburō I, who take the respective names of Onoe Shōroku I and Onoe Matsusuke II." In 11/1814 "...Onoe Matsusuke II and Onoe Eizaburō II take the respective names of Onoe Baikō III and Onoe Matsusuke III at the Nakamuraza..." In 4/1848 "...Onoe Kikugorō III and Onoe Matsusuke III take the respective names of Ōkawa Hashizō I and Ōkawa Sanchō."

In 8/1848 Matsusuke and his father settled in Osaka. In 4/1849 Ōkawa Hashizō I, his father, died on the way back to Edo. In 1850 Ōkawa Sanchō took back the name Onoe Matsusuke III.

Matsusuke's father, Onoe Kikugorō III, was a giant of the theater, but Matsusuke never attains those heights.