Shunshosai Hokuchō (春曙斎北頂) (artist )

Hokuchō (go - 北頂)
Inoue (family name - 井上)
Shunsho (go - 春曙)



Hokuchō (active 1820-30) was an Osaka print designer. He was a pupil of Hokushū. Quite a few of his prints had yellow grounds and many were carved by Kasuke, one of the best carvers of his day.

In 1822 Hokuchō worked under the name Shunsho. Over his career he produced very few prints and, as far as we know, nearly all of these were published by Honya Seishichi. His last print came out in 3/1830.

Keyes considered Hokuchō's work inferior to that of his master.

Several prominent institutions own copies of his prints: the Victoria and Albert Museum; Waseda University; Museum für angewandte Kunst, Vienna; the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, et al.