Ichikawa Udanji I (初代市川右団次: 8/1862 to 12/1908) (actor 1843 – 1916)

Beigyoku (poetry name - 米玉)
Kashō (poetry name - 家升)
Yasōan (pen name - 夜霜庵)
Ichikawa Fukutarō I (初代市川福太郎: 3/1852 to 7/1862)
Ichikawa Sainyū (市川斎入: 1/1909 to 3/19/1916)



This actor held this name from 8/1862 to December 1908. His father was Ichikawa Kodanji IV (1812-66). His brother was Ichikawa Kodanji V (1850-1922). His son was Udanji II (1881-1936). His grandson was Ichikawa Unosuke (1919-?). Great-grandson Sainyū II (born 1947).

Born in Ōsaka. His father was an actor, but he was expected to work in a teahouse. However, as Kabuki21 points out, the call of the stage was too great. His first stage performance was in 2/1852 acting under the name Ichikawa Fukutarō. In the spring of 1862 Fukutarō and his mother are invited to Edo by his father, Ichikawa Kodanji IV. In the third month the father and son performed together, but then his parents had a falling out and Fukutarō and his mother returned to Ōsaka.