Nakamura Shikan II (二代目中村芝翫: 11/1825 - 12/1835) (actor )

Kanjuaku (poetry name - 翫雀)
Shijaku (poetry name - 紫雀?)
Shishō (poetry name - 芝賞)
Nakamura Tōtarō (中村藤太郎)
Nakamura Tsurusuke I (初代中村鶴助)
Nakamura Utaemon IV (四代目中村歌右衛門)



This actor held this name from 11/1825 to 12/1835 and is represented in the Lyon Collection under that name by 16 prints. He was later known as Utaemon IV, which can be seen in this collection by another 22 prints. But, if it is popularity on the stage and with artists and collectors you are looking for the prize would go to Nakamura Utaemon III (1778-1838) represented here by more than 60 prints. He was the man who adopted and mentored Shikan II. His father-in-law was Ichikawa Yaozō IV (1772-1845). His performances are represented in the Lyon Collection under other names he held.

Shikan II adopted a number of young men as his sons. One of them became Nakamura Shikan IV. He is represented in 11 prints in the Lyon Collection.


"[Shikan II] was very talented and he had a good training, which made him a 'Kameru Yakusha', or all-around actor."

Quoted from: Ōsaka Kagami by Jan van Doesburg, p. 59.