Onoe Baikō III (三代目尾上梅幸: 11/1814 to 10/1815) (actor 1784 – 1849)

Baiju (poetry name - 梅寿)
Baikō (poetry name - 梅幸)
Gachō (poetry name - 賀朝)
Sanchō (poetry name - 三朝)
Onoe Eizaburō I (初代尾上栄三郎: 11/1788-11/1809)
Ōkawa Hashizō I (初代大川橋蔵: 4/1848 to 4/1849)
Onoe Kikugorō III (三代目尾上菊五郎: 11/1815-3/1848)
Onoe Matsusuke II (二代目尾上松助: 11/1809-11/1814)



There is a great deal of confusion as to the information about this actor. Kabuki21 gives his years as only 1814-1815, but that appears to be wrong because Onoe Baikō I was said to have received that name in 1814 according to Samuel L. Leiter.

Leiter on the other hand, when you look up Onoe Baikō III it says see Onoe Kikugorō III, but then doesn't mention Baikō III at all.

Of course, all of these jumbled [mistakes?] get repeated at Wikipedia.