Sasaki Toyokichi (佐々木豊吉) (publisher ca 1885 – 1898)

Sasakiya (seal name - 佐々木屋)


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - 1895 Gekkō example
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - 1890 Toshimasa example
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - 1889 Ikuhide example


Tokyo print publisher (Marks 450), seal name Sasakiya. Artists published by this house include Gekkō, Ginkō, Hiroshige III, Ikuhide, Kunichika, Kunisada III, Toshihide, Toshimasa and Yoshitoshi.

[Artists published by this house included in the Lyon Collection are highlighted in bold print.]

The museum in Portland, Oregon says: "The publisher, Sasaki Toyokichi, along with Watanabe Seitei, developed the "sashiage" technique for printing in an attempt to simulate watercolor painting effects."