Utagawa Kuniteru II (二代目歌川国輝) (artist early 1830s - early 1870s)

Ichiyōsai (go - 一曜斎)
Ichiyūsai (go - 一雄斎)
Kunitsuna II (go - 国綱ニ代)
Sadashige (go - 貞重)
Yōsai (go - 曜斎)
Yamada Kunijirō (family name - 山田国次郎)



Roberts gives the birth year as 1829. "Pupil of Kunisada. Depicted the manners and sights of the late Tokugawa and early Meiji ages, particularly the early industrial scenes."


There are two Kuniteru II triptychs in the Pushkin Museum in Russia; the British Museum; the Victoria and Albert Museum; the Rijksmuseum; the Museum für angewandte Kunst, Vienna; the musée Guimet; the Art Institute of Chicago; the Los Angeles County Museum; the Freer/Sackler Galleries; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; the Achenbach Foundation; the Chazen Museum of Art; the Walters Art Museum; the Harvard Art Museums; the Library of Congress; the Mead Art Museum, Amherst; the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art; Waseda University; the Tokyo Metropolitan Library; and numerous prints in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Publishers he worked with:

In 1867 Kuniteru and Kunichika designed a print series for Kagaya Kichiemon; Kuniteru worked for Etsuka in 1866; for Minatoya Kohei in 1852; for Aritaya Seiemon in 1853; for Yamadaya Shōjirō in 1858; for Sagamiya Tōkichi in 1859, 1861 and 1863-64; for Maruya Jinpachi in 1863; for Hanabusaya Bunzō in 1865; or Maruya Heijirō in 1867; for Daikokuya Heikichi in 1860, 1862 and 1864-68; for Kikuya Ichibei in 1863; for Ebiya Rinnosuke in 1863 and 1865; for Kobayashi Tetsujirō in 1865; for Ōhashiya Yashichi in 1867; for Iseya Kanekichi in 1865; for Yamamotoya Heikichi in 1868; for Enshūya Matabei in 1869; for Masudaya Ginjirō in 1867; for Wakasaya Yoichi in 1873; for Tsujiokaya Kamekichi in 1874; and for Tsujiokaya Bunsuke in 1858 and 1874.