Wakasaya Yoichi (若狹屋与市) (publisher ca 1794 – 1897)

Jakurindō (firm name - 若林堂)
Wakayo (seal name - 若与)
Yamamoto Yoichi (family name - 山本与市)


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - 1854 Hiroshige giga print
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - ca. 1795 Eishi print
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Kyōsai print


"Wakasaya started his business int he early 1790s and was active for over one hundred years, issuing a wide range of prints and books until c. 1897. In 1807, he became a member of the Picture Book and Print Publishers Guild (Jihon toiya). In 1811 and 1812 he was one of the print censors. In 1851, he is listed as a member of the Old Faction (Motogumi) of the Picture Book and Print Publishers Guild (Jihon toiya) and then also a member of the Guild of Fan Producers (Uchiwa toiya). Beginning in 1876, publications appeared under the family name Yamamoto Yoichi.

Wakasaya's first publications are series of beautiful women by Utamaro and Toyokuni. Especially with Utamaro he established a good relationship and they did at least seven series together, as well as unserialized prints."


Edo/Tokyo print publisher (Marks 573) seal name Wakayo , firm name Jakurindō, family Yamamoto Yoichi. Artists published by this house include Eisen, Eishi, Eishō, Eizan, Hiroshige, Hiroshige II, Hiroshige III, Hokusai, Kagehide II, Kiyonaga, Kuniaki II, Kunichika, Kunihisa II, Kunisada II, Kunisato, Kuniteru II, Kunitomo, Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi, Kyōsai, Sadahide, Sadakage, Sadamine, Sadatora, Shunchō, Shun'ei, Shunkō II, Shunman, Shunsen, Toyoharu, Toyohiro, Toyokuni I, Toyokuni III, Utamaro, Yoshitora and Yoshitsuna.

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