Yanagawa Shigenobu I (柳川重信) (artist 1787 – 1832)

Jūbei (nickname - 重兵衛)
Kinsai (go - 琴斎)
Raito (go - 雷斗)
Rinsai (go - 鈴斎)
Suzuki (original family name - 鈴木)
Ushōsai (go - 雨蕉斎)
Ikkasai Sukinobu (his 'hidden' shunga name)



Laurance Roberts wrote: "Ukiyo-e printmaker. Born in Yanagawa; hence his name. Worked in Edo and, for a short time, in Ōsaka. Originally a puppetmaker. Then he became successively pupil, son-in-law, and adopted son of Hokusai; on his marriage to Hokusai's daughter took his masters go Raito. Popular as a good book illustrator. Specialized in bijinga and landscapes; particularly well known as a designer of surimono."

Scholten Japanese Art has noted: "Yanagawa Shigenobu I was a pupil of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) and later became his son-in-law and then his adoptive son. Shigenobu worked primarily in Edo but also in Osaka for a brief period from 1822-1825."


As an illustrator for book publishers

Shigenobu drew illustrations for Nishimuraya Yohachi in 1812-13, 1816 and 1820; for Nishinomiya Shinroku in 1816-17 and 1822; Moriya Jihei in 1817; Iwatoya Kisaburō in 1817 and 1821; Izumiya Ichibei in 1817; Maruya Jinpachi in 1820-21.