Onoe Fujaku III (三代目尾上芙雀) (actor 1793 – 1831)

Seiga (poetry name)
Onoe Tokumatsu II (二代目尾上徳松)




This actor held this name from the late 1810s to 1/1831. His brother was Onoe Shinshichi II (1780-1818) and his son was Onoe Fujaku V (dates unknown, but probably died in 1866).

Fujaku studied with Onoe Koisaburō I (1745-1809: 尾上鯉三郎) who gave him the name Onoe Tokumatsu II.

Onoe Fujaku III was a Kamigata tachiyaku, specialized in wajitsu, who spent most of his career in Ōsaka minor theaters (hama shibai) and his later years at the Ōnishi no Shibai.

Fujaku was a haimyō used by the actors Onoe Koisaburō I and Onoe Shinshichi II, who never held the name of Onoe Fujaku but were acknowledged as the first and the second in this line of actors.