Nakayama Bungorō II (二代目中山文五郎: from 11/1825 to 1862) (actor ca 1800 – 1862)

Gan'en (poetry name - 眼猿)
Yoshio (poetry name - 由男)
Nakayama Hyakuzō I (初代中山百蔵: to 10/1825)




Unknown date of birth. Nakayama Bungorō II was a Kamigata actor, who achieved fame for himself not only in the Ōsaka/Kyōto theaters but also in Edo from the end of the Tenpō era to the Kaei era. He was specialized in katakiyaku and dōkegata roles. His kōseki was highly-praised. He lost his energy and strength from the middle of the 1850s and his popularity declined as well.