Arashi Kichisaburō III (三代目嵐吉三郎 - from 1/1821 to 9/28/1864) (actor 1810 – 09/28/1864)

Kanshi (poetry name)
Rikan (poetry name - 璃寛 and/or 李冠)
Rinshi (poetry name)
Rinshō (poetry name - 鱗昇)
Arashi Daizaburō III (三代目嵐大三郎 - until 12/1820)
Arashi Kitsusaburō III (pen name - 三代目嵐橘三郎)




Kichisaburō III was born in 1810 and died on the 28th day of the 9th lunar month of 1864. His grandfather was Kichisaburō I (1737-80).

Arashi Kichisaburō III was a talented and tall actor, who was trained in Kamigata but also won a fame for himself in Edo. He was able to play a broad range of roles, as a tachiyaku, a katakiyaku (his field of excellence) or an onnagata. He fathered three sons but none of them lived long enough to become as popular as him.


It would appear that Arashi Kichisaburō III had used several other haimyō that we have not listed above. Twice he chose new poetry names that sounded the same as the old ones, but were written with different kanji characters. For example, he used the name Rinshō written both with 鱗昇 and 鱗升 and Rikan with both 璃寛 and 李冠.