Tachibana Morikuni (橘守国) (artist 1679 – 1748)

Kōsoken (go - 後素軒)
Narahara (original family name - 楢原)
Sōbei (nickname - 惣兵衛)
Yūzei (family name - 橘有税)



A notable Japanese artist of the Kano school; studied with Tsuruzawa Tanzan, who was a pupil of Kano Tan'Yu. Examples of his work can be found in the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), the Musees Royaŭ d'Art et d'Histoire (Brussels), the Rhode Island School of Design, the Rietberg Museum (Zurich), the Staatliche Museen (Berlin), the Victoria & Albert Museum, etc.

Laurence P. Roberts wrote in A Dictionary of Japanese Artists... on page 112: "Kanō painter, illustrator. Also an able writer, leaving quite a few published books. Born in Ōsaka. Studied under Tsuruzawa Tanzan, a pupil of Kanō Tan'yū. As a pupil of Tanzan's, copied many sample pictures fo the Kanō school and then printed and published them in the form of a small book. Kanō family enraged, forced Tanzan to disown him. An artist of great versatility with a particular talent for miniatures."