Adachi Ginkō (安達吟光) (artist ca 1870 – 1900)

Shinshō Ginkō (go - 真匠銀光)
Shōsai Ginkō (go - 松斎吟考)
Shōunsai Ginkō (go - 松雲銀光)
Adachi Heishichi (nickname - 安達平七)



Tokyo print designer and illustrator. Little is known about his life, but it is believed that he began his career around 1870 as a designer of actor prints and that he studied with the Western-style painter Goseda Hōryū (1827-92). During the Sino-Japanese war, Ginkō worked as a war correspondent and illustrator; he is probably best known for these ōban format war triptychs as well as images of Meiji Japan. Ginkō was one of the few Meiji artists who fell foul of the censorship laws; in 1889 he was sentenced to a year in jail after designing a cartoon in the humor magazine, The Journal of the Association for Practical Knowledge (Tonchi kyōkai zasshi) that was allegedly disrespectful of the emperor. Ginkō also produced bijinga depicting customs and manners, and meisho-e of the new capital, and actor shini-e.

The above information was taken from The Hotei Encyclopedia of Japanese Woodblock Prints.