Izumiya Ichibei (和泉屋市兵衛) (publisher ca 1686 – 1886)

Kansendō (firm name - 甘泉堂)
Sen'ichi (seal name - 泉市)
Yamanaka Ichibei (family name - 山中市兵衛)


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Artists published by this house include Eiri, Eisen, Eishi, Eishō, Eizan, Hiroshige, Hiroshige II, Hiroshige III, Hokusai, Kazan, Kiyonaga, Kuninaga, Kunimitsu I, as Kunisada and Toyokuni III, Kunisada II, Kunisato, Kuniteru, Kuniteru II, Kunitomi, Kuniyoshi, Kyōsai, Masanobu, Masayoshi, Sadahide, Shigenobu, Shunchō, Shunkō II, Shunsen, Shuntei, Toyoharu, Toyohiro, Toyokiyo, Toyokuni I, Toyokuni II, Utamaro, Utamaro II, Yoshifuji, Yoshifusa, Yoshiiku, Yoshikazu, Yoshitora and Yoshitori-jo.

[Artist in the Lyon Collection who were published by this house have their names highlighted in bold type.]


Edo/Tokyo publisher Izumiya Ichibei (Marks 180) produced several hundred prints and is amongst the most successful Japanese woodblock publishers.

Izumiya Ichibei I died 1730
Izumiya Ichibei II died 1753
Izumiya Ichibei III died 1781
Izumiya Ichibei IV died 1823
Izumiya Ichibei V died 1826

Izumiya Ichibei was a founder member of the Picture Book and Print Publishers Guild (Jihon toiya). He was a censor of prints in 1812 to 1813. From 1876, Izuyama sealed their prints Yamanaka Ichibei (the family name).

Ichibei started publishing prints around 1776 with actor and beauty prints by Kiyonaga and Shunchō, and Toyokuni designed several important series of actor prints in the 1790s. Utamaro, Eiri, Eizan and later Utamaro II, Eisen and Kunisada produced designs for bijin-ga. The great landscape designers Hokusai and Hiroshige also worked for Izumiya.

Source: Andreas Marks' Japanese Woodblock Prints, Artists, Publishers and Masterworks 1680-1900, Tuttle Publishing, Tokyo.


"With several hundred prints Izumiya Ichibei is among the most successful and productive publishers in the history of Japanese woodblock prints. As early as 1686, Izumiya was active as a publisher but his first prints date from around 1776, ninety years later." (Ibid.)