Ichikawa Monnosuke III (三代目市川門之助: 11/1815 to 1824) (actor 1794 – 07/27/1824)

Shinsha (poetry name - 新車)
Ichikawa Benmatsu (市川弁松: from 1801 to 4/1808)
Ichikawa Denzō II (二代目市川伝蔵: 11/1808 to 10/1815)
Ichikawa Otora I (初代市川男寅: 11/1798 to 10/1808)


Kabuki theater terms


This actor held this name from 11/1815 until his death in 1824 from food poisoning.

Monnosuke III was born in Edo in 1794 and died on the 27th day of the 7th lunar month of 1824, August 21 in the Western calendar. His grandfather was Ichikawa Monnosuke II (1743-17940, his father Ichikawa Omezō I (1781-1833) and his brother was Ichikawa Monnosuke IV (1804-62). The oldest son of Omezō I, he appeared on stage for the first time in 1801 under the name Ichikawa Benmatsu. His name was later changed to Otora I, but we don't know the date when that happened.

"Ichikawa Monnosuke III was a talented onnagata actor, who unfortunately died too young. In the beginning of the twenties, he was as popular as the actors Segawa Kikunojō V and Iwai Kumesaburō II. He was also excellent in musical performances and was well-versed in the writing of comic poems (his pen name was Hanamichi Tsurane II)."

This information is above is taken directly from Kabuki21.