Sawamura Kunitarō II (二代目澤村國太郎: 11/1819-1836) (actor ca 1790 – 1836)

Kinshi (poetry name - 錦紫)
Kitō (poetry name)
Izumikawa Kamekichi (泉川亀吉: 1798-11/1814)
Ogino Kamekichi (荻野亀吉)
Ogino Kinshi I (初代荻野錦子: 11/1814-11/1819)
Ogino Yaegiri III (三代目荻野八重桐)


Kabuki theatrical terms


We do not know when this actor was born. He took this name in 11/1819 and held it until his death in the spring of 1836. He started his career in Osaka under the name Izumikawa Kamekichi.

"Sawamura Kunitarō II was a talented onnagata actor, who achieved fame for himself in Ōsaka and Kyōto from the end of the Bunka era to the beginning of the Tenpō era, reaching the prestigious jō-jō-kichi rank in 1827. He spent 20 years in Kamigata ōshibai, without going on tour to Edo. His fields of excellence were okugata and sewa nyōbō."

This information was taken directly from Kabuki21.