Arashi Kitsusaburō I (初代嵐橘三郎: from 1/1821 to 9/26/1821) (actor 1769 – 1821)

Arashi Rikan I (poetry name - 初代嵐璃寛)
Arashi Kichisaburō II (二代目嵐吉三郎: from 1/1874 to 1/1821)
Arashi Kichimatsu or Hikasaburō (嵐吉松 or 彦三郎 - early stage name possibly to 12/1783)
Rikan (poetry name - 里環)
Rikan (poetry name - 李冠)


Kabuki theater terms


This actor held this name from 1/1821 to 4/1821. He died nearly six months later on the 29th day of the 9th month. He was born in Osaka and his father was Arashi Kichisaburō I (1737-80). His son was Arashi Yoshisaburō I (1812-1864).


Rikan's taking of a newly minted name, Kitsusaburo I, in the first month, 1821

The curatorial files at the British Museum says: "The syllable 'Kitsu' in his new name is another reading for the character 'tachibana' (mandarin orange), one of the actor's crests..."

Later the files note: "From his youth Rikan had participated in both haikai and kyoka poetry circles, and his poems were often included in surimono and published anthologies. His verses did not appear on commercial prints, however, until around this date, only months before the end of his life. In contrast, Shikan (Utaemon III) and his troupe contributed poems on commercial prints regularly from the end of 1815."


His first stage name was Arashi Kichimatsu, but in 1787 he took the name Arashi Kichisaburō II.

Arashi Kitsusaburō I was an outstanding tachiyaku, endowed with a great body and a powerful voice, who achieved a great success in the Kamigata theaters, rivaling in popularity with stars like Nakamura Utaemon III or Onoe Kikugorō III. Jitsugotoshi, wagotoshi and nimaime roles were his forte.

His best roles: Sasaki Moritsuna ("Ōmi Genji Senjin Yakata"), Minamoto no Yorimasa, Miyagi Asojirō, Sasaki Tan'emon ("Igagoe"), Yojirō ("Sarumawashi Kadode no Hitofushi"), Benkei, sumô wrestlers (Nuregami Chōgorō in "Futatsu Chōchō Kuruwa Nikki" or Iwakawa Jirokichi in "Sekitori Senryō Nobori"), Jūbei ("Igagoe") and Ono no Tōfū. (*****)