Onoe Tamizō II (二代目尾上多見蔵: 11/1820-1848; 1850-November, 1885) (actor 1799 – 1886)

Matsuō (poetry name - 松王)
Nichō (poetry name - 二丁)
Shōchō (poetry name - 松朝)
Ōkawa Hachizō (大川八蔵: 8/1848-50)
Nakamura Waichi (中村和市: 1820-11/1820)
Segawa Waichi (瀬川和市: 1810-20)


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This actor held this name from 11/1820. In 1848, for a brief period he acted under the name Ōkawa Hachizō. In 1850 he returned to Ōsaka and took back the name Onoe Tamizō II. In November 1885 he appeared on the stage for the last time.

Tamizō II was born in Kyōto. His father was Kameemon, a kabuki hairdresser or tokoyama (床山). In 1810 he started his career as Segawa Waichi, a student of Segawa Senjo who died in the 12th month of that year. In 1820 he joined Nakamura Utaemon III who gave him the name Nakamura Waichi. Tamizō was with him for a few months until he went over to the Edo star Onoe Kikugorō III who was then performing in Osaka. Together they traveled back to Edo. In 1823 Tamizō traveled back to Kamigata.

Tamizō II had studied with Onoe Kikugorō III (1784-1849), Nakamura Utaemon III (1778-1838) and Segawa Senjo (1751-1810). His father-in-law was Ichikawa Ebijūrō I (1777-1827). Tamizō II's sons were Onoe Shōkaku I (1832-78) and Ichikawa Ichizō III (1833-65).

The information above was gleaned from material at Kabuki21.


Onoe Tamizō II was a great and popular kaneru yakusha, excelling in quick costume changes (hayagawari) and ghost plays.

Tamizō was a local actor, the son of a theater hairdresser, who acted in the middle theater until 1821, when he also made his debut in the major theaters. He continued to move back and forth between the two. He was pudgy and reputedly illiterate but skilled in a broad range of roles, with a flamboyant acting style that appealed to audiences. By the 1830s he had become quite successful. He continued performing right up to his death in 1886, at the age of eighty-seven... There is no real information about him at this early stage of his career..."

Quoted from: Oska Prints by Dean Schwaab, page 128.