• The Night Lamp at Akiba (秋葉常夜燈)
  • <i>Shinobu-zuri</i> (志の婦壽李) - <i>shunga ehon</i>
  • <i>Aizuri-e</i> - a courtesan holding a pipe (<i>kiseru</i>) watches a pair of ducks, from the series 'Five Modern Beauties' (<i>Tōsei gonin bijo</i> - 當世五人美女)
  • An actor in the role of Nagoya Sanzaburō (名古屋山三郎) in the play <i>Keisei Toyama Zakura</i> (京成 富山 桜)
  • <i>Departed Spirit</i>: The heroine Yūgiri from the play 'Yūgiri and the Straits of Naruto' <i>Yūgiri Awa no Naruto</i> [夕霧阿波鳴渡]
  • 31 Flavors Invading Japan / Today’s Special (三十一種類のアイスクリイム日本に上陸: 本日のお味)
  • Ma Lin (Tettekisen Barin - 鉄笛仙馬麟) from the series <i>One of the 108 Heroes of the Popular Water Margin </i> (<i>Tsūzoku Suikoden gōketsu hyakuhachinin no hitori</i> - 通俗水滸傳濠傑百八人一個)
  • Mother and playing children bathing from the series 浮世小兎戯
  • <i>Clearing Weather at Horikawa</i> (<i>Horikawa seiran</i> - 堀川晴嵐): Eda Genzō (江田源蔵) from the series <i>Eight Views of Military Brilliance</i> (<i>Yōbu hakkei</i> - 燿武八景)
  • An oiran lighting an andon - from the series <i>Richly Colored Contemporary Fashions</i> (<i>Gokusaishiki jisei shitate</i> - 極彩色時世仕立)

Welcome to The Lyon Collection!

Ukiyo-e Prints in the Mike Lyon Collection

Mike Lyon (artist b. 1951) was fortunate to have grown up familiar with Japanese prints. In his youth Lyon’s parents and grandparents displayed examples that certainly inspired his own artistic development. He began acquiring Japanese color woodcuts early in his career as an artist. The types of prints that feature most prominently among the many hundreds in Lyon's collection reflect the artist’s deep appreciation of the human figure and the expressive facial portrait. The vast majority of Japanese prints in the Lyon collection represent views of actors yakusha-e) and beautiful women (bijin-ga), and in particular the close-up, bust-length portraits of the same (okubi-e).

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