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Jungle crow or hashibutogarasu (嘴太鴉) on cherry branch

Identifier: 1910c Koson cherry crow

"A jungle crow (Corvus macrorhynchos) sits on flowering cherry branch on a full moonlit evening. The carrion crow is native to Japan, and according to folk belief it was thought to be a messenger of the gods. At Shinto shrines such as the Atsuta shrine in Nagoya and the Taga shrine in Shiga prefedture ceremonies are held in which crows are given offerings of rice cakes. Carrion crows were one of Koson's favourite subjects: a great number of prints, over thirty images and large square painting on silk of this bird are known by him. Surprisingly, a substantial number of the paintings are framed in Japanese wooden frames and not mounted as hanging scrolls (kakemono), which suggests that they were made for export. The original painting for this design is known."


See Crows, Cranes and Camellias, K5.3 This is the second state of this design, without the publisher's seal, but it is ascribed to Daikokuya (Matsui Heikichi). Illustrated in color with a bluish background on p. 71.

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