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Ichikawa Danjūrō VII as the pirate Kezori Kuemon from the series
Modern Style Set of the Provinces in Edo Brocade
(Kōto nishiki imayō kuni zukushi - 江都錦今様国盡) -
Bungo (豊後) and Hizen province (肥前)

Identifier: 1852 Kuniyoshi kezuri

"A set of at least thirty-six prints designed by Kuniyoshi in 1852 for the publisher Yamaguchiya Tōbei [and others]. Famous stories and heroes of different provinces are depicted two at a time."

Quoted from: Catalogue of the Collection of Japanese Prints - Part IV: Hiroshige and the Utagawa school, Rijksprentkabinet, 1984, p. 130.

The bottom half of this print represens Hizen province (肥前) with a woman with girls with umbrellas at the top representing Buzen province (豊前).

There is one other print from this series in the Lyon Collection. See #924. For more about this pirate go to another print in the Lyon Collection at: Kezori Kuemon


The name of Hizen province can be found in the red cartouche in the upper right of the lower register near Kuemon's dragon robe. Bungo province (豊後) can be found in the corresponding red cartouche in the picture with all of the beautiful umbrellas.

The title cartouche along the right side of the upper register reads: 江都錦今様国尽 花見連中 毛そり九右衛門.


If you click on the links to the British Museum example and the one at Waseda University you will see that the title cartouche is different in each one, indicating at least three different editions of this popular series.

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