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Seki Sanjūrō II (関三十郎) as Inukawa Gakuzō (犬川額蔵) - left panel of a diptych
from the play Hana no ani tsubomi no yatsufusa
(花魁莟八総 - '8 Buds of the Plum Blossoms')

Identifier: 1830c Hokuei Seki Sanjuro

The play represented in this print was first performed in 1836. Written by Nishizawa Ippō (西沢一鳳: 1802-52) it was based on the earlier work of Takizawa Bakin (1767-1848) and his Nansō Satomi hakkenden or 'Satomi and the Eight Dogs' published between 1814-42.

The inu of the name of this character, Inukawa, means 'dog'.


This is the left panel of a diptych that help commemorate a performance of the play Hana no Ani Tsubomi no Yatsufusa (花魁莟八総) at the Naka Theater in 1/1836.


Illustrated in:

1) Kamigata Yakusha Shusei, vol. 2, 1998, #375.
2) Schätze der Kamigata: Japanische Farbholzschnitte aus Osaka 1780-1880, MNHA (Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg), p. 14, #4. (Showing the full diptych in color.)


There is an unidentified collector's seal next to signature.

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