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Kong Ming, the Comet (Mōtōsei Kōmei - 毛頭星孔明) from the series
One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the Popular Shuihuzhuan
(Tsūzoku Suikoden gōketsu hyakuhachinin no hitori - 通俗水滸伝豪傑百八人之一個)

Identifier: 1827-30c Kuniyoshi Komei

Kong Ming is first mentioned in Chapter 32 of the Chinese version of the marsh brigands. He is the older brother of Kang Liang - represented in the Lyon Collection by two copies of the same print, #s 1287 and 1005.

The text tells us that Squire Kong is the lord of a place called White Tiger Mountain where he has a manor. "The young fellow you fought is his youngest son. Because he's hot-tempered and belligerent he's known as Kong Liang the Flaming Star. The one in the gosling yellow tunic is the squire's eldest son. His name is Kong Ming, and he's called the Comet. Both are fond of spears and staves..."


This is the right-hand panel of a Suikoden diptych.

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