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Toyohana (豊花 ) of the Maru-Ebiya (丸海老屋内) from the series Comparisons of Courtesans and Flowers (Keisei hana kurabe - 傾城花競)

Identifier: 1830s Sencho flower.jpg

One of the most striking elements of this series is its use of Prussian Blue, especially pronounced in the title cartouche. Another curious feature of this print is the printed (or painted?) image on the panel seen just behind the courtesan. It too has a 'Seichōtei Senchō' signature.

It would appear from a sale at Christie's that Senchō did at least one other image of this courtesan beautifully attired. That print shows no signature or publisher, but the attribution seems solid.

Kuninao (1793-1854) also created a print of Toyohana on parade during New Year's.

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