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From left to right: Iwai Hanshirō VIII (岩井半四郎), Ichikawa Gonjūrō (市川権十郎), Nakamura Nakazō III (中村仲蔵), Ichikawa Metora I (市川女寅) and Ichikawa Danjūrō IX (市川団十郎)

Identifier: 1875 Kunichika Six Actors.jpg

The text on the middle panel reads - somewhat: 馬車ハしんばしすてんじよへはしるわらへんたへまなく☆がら/\いそひて参りましよらつぱハぴつぴきぴいぎよ

The text on the left panel reads - somewhat: しやハ☆/\千里軒別☆にこどもしかられて馬ハかけだすしやん/\/\車でさアきなせへ [This is taken directly from the Tokyo Metropolitan Library site.]

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