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Nakamura Utaemon IV as Daruma portrayed on a hanging scroll - Ni Daruma no ichijiku (似達磨の一軸)

Identifier: 1848c Kuniyoshi Daruma on scroll

This print commemorates a performance of the play Takagi Oriemon Budō Jitsuroku (高木織右武実録) at the Nakamura Theater.



1) In color in Heroes and Ghosts: Japanese Prints by Kuniyoshi 1797-1861 by Robert Schaap, p. 161.

2) In color in Kuniyoshi by Jūzō Suzuki, Heibonsha Limited, Publishers, 1992, no. 316.

3) In color in Japanese Prints: Images of the Floating World, Barry Davies Oriental Art, #72, illustrated on p. 95.

See another print in the Lyon Collection in which two actors seem to struggle over a similar Daruma scroll.

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