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June - Danshichi Kurobei from the series
Calendar of Kabuki Roles and Actors
(Kabuki Sugata-goyomi - 歌舞伎姿暦 - 6th month [六月])

Identifier: 1950 Tadamasa danshichi

Ueno Tadamasa (上野忠雅: 1904-70) was born Ueno Katsumi. He studied with Torii Kiyotada VII, who gave him the name Tadamas. After meeting Watanabe Shozaburō they began collaborating together in 1940. While they were able to produce a few prints the war eventually got in the way. When World War II ended Tadamas created billboards for kabuki theaters. In 1949 he took the name Torii Tadamasa.

In 1950 he began working with the publisher Shōkokusha on the series Kabuki Sugata-goyomi, 'Calendar of Kabuki Roles and Actors'.

From the play Natsu Matsuri Nami no Hana Kagan [夏祭浪花鑑]

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