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Onoe Tamizō II (尾上多見蔵) as both a night watchman and
a Chinese princess from the play Hatsuharu no Kotobuki Iwau Kokonobake
初春寿九化 - (A Set of Nine Changes - 九之化之内)

Identifier: 1828ca Shunshi Schwaab 115

The title of this series and that of the actor appears on the large collapsible lantern. The Lyon Collection owns four prints from this series by several artists.

Illustrated in color in Osaka Prints by Dean J. Schwaab, p. 130, #115.


Hatsuharu no kotobuki iwau kokonobake (Nine changes for long-life in early spring: 初春寿九化) brought together a set of nine pieces for a single actor to showcase his skills in acting, recitation, and dance. It is an example of so-called hatsuharu kyōgen ("early spring plays" or "New Year's plays": 初春狂言).

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