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Nakamura Utaemon III in the roles of Ariwara no Narihira and Bunya no Yasuhide [文屋康秀]

Identifier: 1833 Shigeharu utaemon III goemon

Published to commemorate a performance of Rokkasen sugata no saishiki at the Kado Theater in the first month of 1834.


For a similar surimono-type print see Keyes Theatrical World of Osaka Prints, #44 page 128.


Even though Bunya no Yasuhide (active 858-888) is one of the six poetic sages (rokkasen) only five poems by him appear in the Kokinshū.


"Painters of the Shijō and related schools in Osaka and Kyoto were avid designers of surimono. Their engravers and printers evolved a number of conventions and technical mannerisms to reproduce the painterly style. The conventions that were developed for the Shijō surimono were used with great effect in oban portraits of actors like this..."

In the blue stylized-cloud formation at top is a poem written in gold. It was composed by Kangetsu.

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