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Arashi Koroku IV as Orie (おりへ) on the right and Bandō Mitsugorō III as Yazama Jūtarō (矢間重太郎) in the play Taiheiki chūshin kōshaku [太平記忠臣講釈]

Identifier: 1821 Nagahide diptych

The name and role of the actor Arashi Koroku (嵐小六) on the right-hand panel appears in white on the gray area of the sliding door in the background. The name and role of the actor on the left is shown in white on gray in the cloth hanging in the background behind the actor's head.

Yazama Jūtarō was one of the 47 Loyal Retainers and Orie was his wife.


In The One Hundred Poets Compared Henk Herwig and Joshua Mostow noted that a play which included the characters of Jūtarō and Orie was composed by Chikamatsu Hanji (and others) and debuted in the puppet theater in 1766. Jūtarō was one of the retainers of Enya Hangan who was forced to commit suicide after being provoked at court. He had drawn his sword in the palace, a capital offence. All of Hangan's property was confiscated and his retainers were made masterless. They swore revenge. Jūtarō was forced to leave his loving wife for this cause and she, Orie, in turn, in loving devotion, became a prostitute to help sustain the lives of her in-laws.


Illustrated in black and white in 京都の近代版画 : 円山応挙から現代まで (Special Exhibition : Modern Prints in Kyoto : from Okyo Maruyama to the Present Day), 1986, #17.

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