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No. 2, Takejo, wife of Yamaoka Kakubei
(Yamaoka Kakubei no tsuma Takejo 山岡覺平の妻竹女), from the series
Biographies of Loyal and Righteous Hearts (Seichu gishin den 誠忠義心傳)

Identifier: 1840s Kuniyoshi weeping bijin

Takejo, wife of Yamaoka Kakubei, crouched and weeping, while her child plays with toys in the foreground. From the series Mitate Chūshingura. Illustrated Monet Collection #105. See also Robinson, 1982, S56 no. 2.

After her husband's death due to an illness, this woman became the mistress of one of her husband's enemies. She then helped Oishi and other ronin to revenge their dead master.

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