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A diptych from the series Lingering Sentiments of a Late Collection of Genji (Genji goshū yojō - 源氏後集余情): the two women represent Chapter 17, E-awase (The Picture Contest - 絵合)

Identifier: 1858 Kunisada female genji

The title of this series, Lingering Sentiments of a Late Collection of Genji (Genji goshū yojō), is actually a pun on The Fifty-four Chapters of the Tale of Genji (Genji gojūyojō).


The British Museum owns a copy but does not illustrate it online. However, the curatorial files at state: "Fourth in a group of 38 diptychs plus one frontispiece comprising all the known designs from the series Genji goshū yojō (Lasting Impressions of a Late Genji Collection; 1857-61). Based on the serialized novel Nise Murasaki inaka Genji (A Country Genji by a Fake Murasaki; chapters 1-38, published 1829-42) by Ryutei Tanehiko, and its sequel Sono yukari hina no omokage (A Related Rustic Visage; chapters 39-61, published1847-64) by Tanehiko's followers. Both novels illustrated by Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III)."


The diptych is illustrated and listed in Genji‘s World in Japanese Woodblock Prints by Andreas Marks, pp. 142-3.


There is an earlier gōkan cover from the original edition from 1830-42 of the Nise Murasaki... showing both women, but signed 'Kunisada'. (See the links above.)


There are copies of both of these prints in the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Leiden. Notice the octopus in the basket on the head of the woman on the left.

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