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Ehon: In Praise of Love in All Four Seasons (Shunka shūtō - 春夏秋冬 - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter: Shiki no Nagame - 色の詠)

Identifier: 1827-29 Kunisada shunka shuto

"The four volumes of the same artist's Shiki no Nagame, 'An appraisal of Sensual Pleasure', also no doubt published in the 1830s, are a truly remarkable production, distinguished not so much for the designs, which follow a fairly predictable pattern of generally violent love scenes, portrayed with a coarseness all the more repellent on account of Kunisada's skillful realism, but for the amazing technical brilliance of the print-makers..."

Quoted from: The Art of the Japanese Book by Jack Hillier, vol. 2, p. 901.

Page #4 in the Lyon Collection is illustrated in Hillier on page 903, pl. 175.

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