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Sumō bout between Tanikaze (Nishi Tanikaze 西 谷風) and Onogawa (Azuma Onogawa - 東 小野川)

Identifier: 1790c Shunko tanikaze onogawa

Kajinosuke Tanikaze (谷風梶之助 Tanikaze Kajinosuke, September 8, 1750 – February 27, 1795) was a sumo wrestler in Japan in the Tokugawa era, is officially recognized as the fourth yokozuna, and the first to be awarded the title of yokozuna within his own lifetime. He achieved great fame.

Onogawa Kisaburō (小野川喜三郎, 1758 – April 30, 1806) was a sumo wrestler from Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. He was the sport's 5th yokozuna. Along with Tanikaze he was the first to be given a yokozuna licence by the House of Yoshida Tsukasa and the first to perform the dohyō-iri to promote sumo tournaments.


The nishi of the title represents 'west' and the azuma 'east'.

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