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Iwai Kumesaburō III [岩井粂三郎] as the Weaver Maiden Shokujo from 'A Parody of the Twelve Months' (Mitate ju ni kagetsu nouchi - 見立十二ヶ月ノ内) representing the 7th and 8th months

Identifier: 1859 Kunisada 12 months 24

A Parody of the Twelve Months : July, Vega, and August, Moon Viewing 「七月織女 八月月見」 Mitate ju ni kagetsu nouchi 「見立十二ヶ月ノ内」

Inset: Moon, mochI, ikebana, etc.

Portrait by Toyokuni III (Kunisada). Inset by Kunihisa.

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