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Night Rain at Oyama (大山夜雨): View of the Summit above the former Fudo Temple
(従前不動頂上之図) - from Eight Views Of Famous Places (名所八景) - Oyama ya-u:
Juzen Fudo chojo no kei - Meisho hakkei

Identifier: 1830s Toyokuni II Night Rain at Oyama

There is another copy of this print in black and white in Traditional Woodblock Prints of Japan by Seiichiro Takahashi, 1973 edition, p. 128.

The text on page 127 says: "In the print market today such landscape scenes of his as Oyama Yau (Evening Rain on Mount Oyama), which appears in Figure 137 and is from the set Meisho Hakkei command higher prices than his prints of beautiful woman. This print is said to have been much influenced by Hokusai's Red Fuji..."


Also illustrated in color in Japanese Prints: Images of the Floating World, Barry Davies Oriental Art, #63, illustrated on p. 87.

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